Cutaneous sporotrichosis with dermoscopic features: A case report

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Emine Müge Acar
Ümran Günay
Ömer Faruk Elmas
Serpil Çorum Şirin
Asuman Kilitci


Objective:  Sporotrichosis is a fungal skin infection caused by Sporothrix schenckii. We report a 70- year-old female presenting with an erythematous nodule on her right forefinger after a rose thorn prick.

Material and Methods: The nodule was histopathologically diagnosed as sporotrichosis. Dermoscopy of the nodule revealed structureless white areas with a lobular arrangement, prominent scaling, blood spots, and polymorphous vessels including coiled, punctate and looped vessels. Dermoscopy has opened a new horizon in the diagnosis of skin infections in recent years.

Conclusion: The dermoscopic features of sporotrichosis have not yet been reported as far as we are aware. We believe that coexistence of the above features, which could be thought to be nonspecific when seen separately, may be of diagnostic significance and a helpful tool in the diagnosis of cutaneous sporotrichosis.


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AcarE. M., Günay Ümran, Elmas Ömer F., ŞirinS. Çorum, & KilitciA. (2019). Cutaneous sporotrichosis with dermoscopic features: A case report. Medical Science and Discovery, 6(7), 133-135. Retrieved from
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