A Child with Hallermann-Streiff Syndrome; as an Infrequent Cause of Hypotrichosis and Cataract

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Sultan Kaba
Murat Dogan
Nesrin Ceylan
Keziban Bulan
Nihat Demir
Sekibe Zehra Dogan
Selami Kocaman


In present case report, four-months-old boy who referred to our pediatric endocrinology outpatient clinic from department of ophthalmology due to evaluation of endocrine and metabolic disorders for cataract was discussed. The characterized features of patient were hypotrichosis, microphthalmia, nystagmus, strabismus, congenital cataract, beaked nose, micrognathia,
scaphocephaly, frontal and parietal bossing. The case has typical dysmorphic physical examination findings that appropriate diagnostic features to rare Hallermann-Streiff syndrome.


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Kaba, S. ., Dogan, M. ., Ceylan, N. ., Bulan, K. ., Demir, N. ., Dogan, S. Z., & Kocaman, S. . (2019). A Child with Hallermann-Streiff Syndrome; as an Infrequent Cause of Hypotrichosis and Cataract. Medical Science and Discovery, 3(4), 206–208. Retrieved from https://medscidiscovery.com/index.php/msd/article/view/135
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