The prevalence of celiac disease in healthy school children in Van City, east of Turkey: a screening study using a rapid test

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Nesrin Ceylan
Kaan Demiroren


Objective:  Celiac disease is seen by increasing rates in the whole world. It may have a silent course besides having classical symptoms. It may result in serious complications if the diagnosis is delayed such as anemia, fatigue, vitamin K deficiency, excessive bruising and bleeding. The aim of this study is to detect celiac patients who have not been diagnosed yet in healthy school children.

Materials and Methods:  Present study performed was in 1003 school children who are between 5-18 years old in Van city, east of Turkey. Celiac disease was investigated via rapid celiac testing (BiocardTM stick test).

Results:  Percentages of the cases, 51.2% were female and 48.8% male.  Test was positive in two (0.2%) patients. Ten (1%) patients had immunoglobulin A deficiency. In addition to these patients, one patient had been diagnosed as celiac disease beforehand.

Conclusion:  The prevalence of celiac disease in Van city, east of Turkey in our study, shows a lower prevalence than in study which performed in our country previously


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