Determination of platelet count and platelet indices in canine parvoviral enteritit

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Lora Koenhemsi


Objective:  Canine parvoviruses (CPV) are DNA viruses with symptoms that can cause death in young dogs. The aim of this study was to characterize platelet count and platelet indices at the time of diagnosis of CPV and to assess the correlation between PLT, RBC, and WBC with platelet indices.

Materials and Methods: The current study included 26 dogs with Parvo and 11 healthy dogs.

Results: When the haemogram values were compared statistically, no difference was observed. Positive correlation was found between  Mean platelet volume (MPV) and Platelet distribution width (PDW).

Conclusions: Platelet and platelet indices may not be important in the diagnosis and prognosis of CPV. Further studies on this issue are of importance in terms of understanding the PLT indices in viral disease in animals.


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