The effects of progressive relaxation method on the patients applied total knee arthroplasty

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Halise Çınar
Rahşan Çam


Objective: The aim of this quasi-experimental study is to depict the effects of progressive relaxation method on the patients who were applied total knee prosthesis.

Material and Methods: The findings of the study were obtained from the patients who applied to Adnan Menderes University Research and Practice Hospital, Clinic of Orthopedics and Traumatology with the diagnosis of gonarthros in October 2014–February 2015.Sample of the study was consisted of 80 patients; 40 in experimental group and 40 in control group. The study findings were collected via patient information forms which showed the patients’ introductive information, and via Visual Analogue Scale in which independent variables of stable-ongoing anxiety inventory were investigated.

Results: According to the results, experimental group patients’ age mean was analyzed as X=62.27±7.98, and control group patients’ X=62.35±9.80. 70% of the experimental group patients were female, and 75%  of the control group patients were female, 50% of the patients in the experimental group were found to have any chronicle ilness; 62.5%  of them had operation experience in the past; 60% used adjuvant tools; 62.5% used their own techniques to overcome the pain when emerged; and body-mass index mean was X=27.62±3.75. 67.5% of the patients in the control group were found to have any chronicle illness; 60% of them had operation experience in the past;76.2% used adjuvant tools;72.5% used their own techniques to overcome the pain when emerged; and body-mass index mean was X=29.57±5.10.

Conclusion: It is considered that progressive relaxation method which was applied to patients has a positive effect on decreasing the post-operative pain and anxiety.


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