Impairments of Diabetes Mellitus related Nephropathy and blood bio-chemicals by the Thymus Vulgaris L. and Thymbra Spicata L.

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Zafer Akan
Melek Dikilidal
Hulya Ozdemir
Mehmet Bilgehan Yuksel
Gokhan Oto
Salaheddin Akcay
Seda Vatansever
Hayrunnisa Yesil
Ahmet Yilmaz
Ahmet Var


Objective: Diabetes mellitus (DM) is a group of metabolic diseases with high blood glucose, which cause the damage and dysfunction of some of the organ systems. Although various oral drugs are used to treat DM, they do not prevent the development of DM related diseases such as nephropathy and retinopathy and glucose dependent vascular diseases. Thus novel strategies for the prevention and treatment of DM are urgently needed. This research aimed to reveal the effects of Thymus Vulgaris Lamiaceae (TVL) and Thymbra Spicata Lamiaceae (TSL) on the damaging effects of DM.

Methods: Prepared TVL and TSL aqueous extracts were studied in the streptozocin induced experimental diabetic rat model. Blood glucose, body weight, and blood biochemical alterations were measured. Rat kidney for nephropathy were enucleated and fixed in paraffin blocks to examine histopathological changes.

Results: Briefly, impaired blood glucose, and weight loss of Diabetic rats were significantly improved by TVL in dose dependent manner (P<0.01). Impaired Blood Uric acid, Urea, and liver enzymes were significantly improved and adjusted to the control group values (P<0.001). The histological analyses of the kidney in TVL and TSL groups revealed the findings of significant healing properties, which was similar to the normal structures of kidney.

Conclusions: In this study, strong biochemical, physiological, and histological improvements in the DM related disorders, such as neuropathy and nephropathy were obtained by TVL treatment.


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Akan, . Z. ., Dikilidal, M. ., Ozdemir, H. ., Yuksel, M. B. ., Oto, G. ., Akcay, S. ., Vatansever, S. ., Yesil, H. ., Yilmaz, A. ., & Var, A. . (2019). Impairments of Diabetes Mellitus related Nephropathy and blood bio-chemicals by the Thymus Vulgaris L. and Thymbra Spicata L. Medical Science and Discovery, 1(2), 51–60. Retrieved from
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