Determining knowledge and administration of nurses in preventing surgical site infections Nurses knowledge in preventing surgical site infections

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Yelda Candan Dönmez
Pelin Sarı


Objective: This study was conducted to define the knowledge and administrations of nurses working in surgical clinics for the prevention of surgical site infections.

Material and Methods: The research sample consisted of 199 nurses who were working in surgical clinics and operating rooms of a university hospital between 02 October and 29 December 2017 and who were volunteers to participate in the study and met the limitations of the study. Data were collected by the researchers through face to face interviews with the nurses included in the study. Data collection tools were developed by the researchers in line with the literature. Sociodemographic characteristics information form, SSI Information Questionnaire and Practice Evaluation Form of Nurses in Preventing SSI were used as data collection tools.

Results: The mean age of nurses participating in the study was 35.2 ± 6.2 years, 97.5% of them were women, 89.4% of them were graduate's degree, 36.2% of them were working in surgical units between 13-60 months, 58.3% in the last two years, 48.7% of them have received training in the site of surgical site infections in the last two years. It was found that 62.3% of the nurses' knowledge status was “moderate”. The average score of the practice statements answered by the clinical nurses participated in the research was found out to be 65,16±6,11, by the operating room nurses participated in the research was found out to be 64,09±6,93. It was found that there was a statistically significant relationship between the training status of the operating room nurses participating in the study and their administration scores (p <0.05).

Conclusion: Results obtained from the study; the knowledge and administration scores of the nurses who were trained in CAE were found to be higher.


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DönmezY. C., & SarıP. (2019). Determining knowledge and administration of nurses in preventing surgical site infections. Medical Science and Discovery, 6(10), 230-234.
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