A cervical paravertebral schwannoma: A case report

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Atakan Emengen
Anıl Ergen
Muhammed Hamza Genç
Umay Kiraz
Mahmut Konuralp İlbay


Objective:   Paraspinal schwannomas arise from the dorsal nerve root. Symptoms of schwannomas may depend on their locations and sizes. This case was presented by a female patient with a dorsalgia for 10 years. She had not any specific symptoms but pain and a thick spot on the neck (cervical area). Paraspinal schwannomas involve the dorsal nerve roots, affecting people in the fourth and fifth decades of life. Paraspinal schwannomas are frequently asymptomatic and diagnosed incidentally on imaging of the spine. Total excision is mostly possible and the recurrence rate is low.


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Emengen, A., Ergen, A., Genç, M. H., Kiraz, U., & İlbay, M. K. (2019). A cervical paravertebral schwannoma: A case report. Medical Science and Discovery, 6(12), 347-350. https://doi.org/10.36472/msd.v6i12.335
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