Periodontal and Systemic Treatment Approach on Pemphigus Vulgaris: A Case Report

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Ömer Birkan Ağrali
Gamze Kavuncu
Filiz Namdar Pekiner
Cuyan Demirkesen
Leyla Kuru


Objective:  In this case report, both the diagnosis of pemphigus vulgaris and the periodontal treatment approach including the use of local/systemic medications are presented.

Case Presentation: 36-year-old female patient applied to the periodontology clinic with complaints of burning mouth and pain. Physical examination revealed cutaneous blisters on nose, hand and fingers while intra-oral examination showed widespread desquamation and ulcers depending on PV and severe gingival inflammation due to the lack of oral hygiene and oral PV. Initial periodontal treatment (IPT) was implemented to the patient along with local and systemic medications. Periodontal parameters including plaque Index (PI), gingival Index (GI), probing depth (PD) and clinical attachment level (CAL) were recorded before and six weeks after IPT.  Periodontal treatment procedures did not cause any negative effect on the lesions. Six weeks following IPT and the use systemic medications, all clinical parameters improved significantly. Furthermore, lesions including mucosal blisters and desquamations partially recovered, the patient started to perform oral hygiene more effectively.

It was concluded that atraumatic and non-invasive periodontal treatment supported by the use of local/systemic corticosteroid and immunosuppressive medications was efficient on controlling of widespread desquamations and gingival inflammation of PV patients. 


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Ağrali, Ömer B., Kavuncu, G. ., Namdar Pekiner, F. ., Demirkesen, C. ., & Kuru, L. . (2020). Periodontal and Systemic Treatment Approach on Pemphigus Vulgaris: A Case Report . Medical Science and Discovery, 7(1), 390–393.
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Received 2019-12-23
Accepted 2020-01-16
Published 2020-01-24


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