The Reflections of Covid-19 pandemic: Turkey's results during the first month of the pandemic Covid-19 results from Turkey

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Suna Eraybar
Huseyin Aygun


Objective:  This study aims to evaluate the clinical and epidemiological findings of patients with suspected COVID-19 admitted to the emergency service of a 3rd step training and research hospital.

Material and Methods: Patients older than 18 years of age, suspected COVID-19 disease and received diagnostic combined nasal and oropharyngeal swab between April 1, 2020 and April 30, 2020 were evaluated retrospectively. Demographic, laboratory, radiological findings and PCR results of the patients were recorded. In addition, the patients' home isolation, hospitalization, intensive care follow-up requirements and 28-day mortality were analyzed.

Results: Total 3020 patients were included in the study, and the mean age of the patients was found to be 41 ± 16.22. 55.4% (n = 1673) of the patients were female and 83.0% (n = 2508) of them were found to have negative PCR results. Mortality occurred in 3.5% of the patients (n = 107) within 28 days. The relationship between the PCR results, pneumonia status and type of hospitalization and 28-day mortality results were compared, and a statistically significant relationship was found. [(p<0.001), (p<0.001), (p<0.001)].

Conclusion: In line with these data obtained at the beginning of the pandemic, positive PCR results, presence of pneumonia and the history of intensive care unit hospitalization are risk factors for mortality


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Eraybar, S., & AYGUN, H. (2021). The Reflections of Covid-19 pandemic: Turkey’s results during the first month of the pandemic: Covid-19 results from Turkey. Medical Science and Discovery, 8(1), 45–49.
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Received 2021-01-09
Accepted 2021-01-25
Published 2021-01-29


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