Anaplastic Childhood Meningioma in a 16-Year-Old Boy

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Emel Ebru Pala
Ulku Kucuk
Ebru Arabaci Cakir
Ozcan Binatli


Meningiomas account for 0.4-4.6% of all primary brain tumors in children. Childhood meningiomas have several different characteristics than those occurring in adults. Case: Here we report a 16 year old male presented with long-standing headache and incipient weakness on the left side. Magnetic resonance images revealed a 65x47x37 mm sized, right sided frontoparietal parasagittal extra-axial mass. Histopathologic examination showed monotonous, small cells with oval/round nucleus forming whorl-like structures. The tumor showed high mitotic index and Ki67 proliferation rate around 30%. Immunohistochemically tumor cells were positive with EMA, vimentin, BCL-2, progesterone receptor. The final diagnosis according to histopathological, radiological and immunohistochemical findings was anaplastic meningioma. Conclusion: High-grade meningiomas are rare in children. Appropriate grading is important, as high grade tumors with high proliferation index are associated with less favorable clinical outcomes and warrant more radical treatment.


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Pala, E. E. ., Kucuk, U. ., Cakir, E. A. ., & Binatli, O. . (2014). Anaplastic Childhood Meningioma in a 16-Year-Old Boy. Medical Science and Discovery, 1(4), 121–123. Retrieved from
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