Geophagia: A cause of distal large bowel obstruction in a Sudanese woman.

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Khalid Yousif Abu Aagla
Osama Mohamed Elsanousi


Objective: Geophagia is defined as the craving and deliberate consumption of dirt, soil, or clay that is practiced sometimes by pregnant ladies, mentally handicapped, or people with iron deficiency anemia. This disorder is seen frequently in people who are native to Africa all around the world. A grave surgical complication can result from the presence of this foreign material inside the intestine notably intestinal perforation, and obstruction

Case: A 34 years old female present with features of distal large bowel obstruction three weeks post-delivery underwent exploratory laparotomy were obstructing piece of clay was found, the patient confirmed after surgery a heavy consumption of river shore clay during the pregnancy.

Conclusions: The patient experienced an uneventful postoperative course, oral intake allowed by the third postoperative day, and the patient was discharged home on the fifth postoperative day. Follow-up at one month after surgery show a clean healed wound with no complaints.


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Aagla, K. Y. A., & Elsanousi, O. M. (2021). Geophagia: A cause of distal large bowel obstruction in a Sudanese woman. Medical Science and Discovery, 8(5), 338-340.
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