Investigation of association between ABO blood groups and COVID-19 clinical severity

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Arzu İrvem
Abdurrahman Sarmış
Özlem Akgün Doğan
Jale Yıldız
Zafer Habib
Nihat Buğra Ağaoğlu
Betsi Köse
Gizem Alkurt
Lütfiye Nilsu Altunal
Ayşe Serra Özel
Mehtap Aydın
Sanem Dereli Bulut
Yasemin Kendir Demirkol
Esra Koçoğlu
Gizem Dinler Doğanay
Levent Doğanay
Yaşar Bükte
Sebahat Aksaray


Objective: COVID-19 has been detected in Turkey since March 11, 2020. Istanbul has become an important center of the pandemic in Turkey. Various risk factors for COVID-19 infection, mortality, and morbidity are under investigation. Recent studies have suggested that certain blood groups are risk factors for the disease. The aim of this study is the evaluation the relationship between blood groups and the risk of contracting COVID-19 disease, clinical severity of the disease, and CT (computed tomography) imaging findings.

Material and Methods: Age, gender, blood group data, clinical severity and CT images of 300 patients who were positive with RT PCR (Reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction) and were followed up in the clinic were retrospectively scanned and recorded. The clinical severity of the disease and CT imaging findings were scored, and the data were evaluated statistically.

Results: While the incidence of COVID-19 was high in the A blood group, it was low in the 0 blood group. Although there was no significant difference between blood types and clinical severity, the involvement in the B blood group was more severe on CT imaging.

Conclusion: People with A blood group should pay more attention to protection and isolation. Investigating this difference and underlying pathogenic mechanisms can guide science with advanced studies.


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İrvem, A., Sarmış, A. ., Doğan, Özlem A. ., Yıldız, J., Habib, Z., Ağaoğlu, N. B. ., Köse, B., Alkurt, G., Altunal, L. N. ., Özel, A. S. ., Aydın, M. ., Bulut, S. D. ., Demirkol, Y. K. ., Koçoğlu, E. ., Doğanay, G. D. ., Doğanay, L., Bükte, Y. ., & Aksaray, S. . (2021). Investigation of association between ABO blood groups and COVID-19 clinical severity. Medical Science and Discovery, 8(12), 671–674.
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