Breast Cancer: Treatment Effects on Fertility and Subsequent Pregnancy Outcomes

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Kyriaki Perisaki
Antigoni Sarantaki


Objective: Breast cancer is the most common cancer type in women of reproductive age. Given that most women postpone childbearing, breast cancer occurrence possibly perplexes their plans for starting a family. The treatment for breast cancer can affect their fertility and have adverse effects on a pregnancy that occurs during that period. The aim of this narrative review is primarily to explore the influence of breast cancer therapy on the ability of a woman diagnosed with breast cancer to gestate. Moreover, to determine the safer timing for childbearing after being treated for breast cancer and investigate the pregnancy outcome when conception is succeeded.

Childbearing after treatment for breast cancer is considered safe and pregnancy outcomes are favorable if conception happens 1 year after chemotherapy or at least 2 years after chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Counseling is of great significance and fertility preservation methods should be thoroughly discussed with women diagnosed with breast cancer, even prior to commencement of the treatment


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Perisaki, K., & Sarantaki, A. (2021). Breast Cancer: Treatment Effects on Fertility and Subsequent Pregnancy Outcomes. Medical Science and Discovery, 8(8), 442–447. (Original work published August 19, 2021)
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