A study on substance abuse among young people (10-24 years) in urban slums of Jorhat, Assam

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Arya Nair Kovilveettil


Objective: To find out the substances abused by the people in urban slums and also find factors contributing to it. Also to recommend suggestions based on the study

Material and Methods: It was a community based cross sectional study and data was collected using Interviewers Performa after getting approved by the Institutional Ethics Committee. A sample size of 174 was calculated . Young People (10 to 24yrs) who were willing to participate were included and whose not ready to take part were opted out.

Results: It was found that males usually 22 to 24yrs used abusive substances than females. Tobacco was the most common substance abused followed by alcohol and majority had been introduced to the substances by their peers between 17 to 24 yrs. Most people consumed the drug multiple times daily followed by weekly and had procured the drug from local retailers. These substances gave them a sense of hallucination and euphoria on consumption. Among the side effects oral problems like ulcers and malignancy topped the list. Respiratory and gastrointestinal issues along with inability  to concentrate on work were other side effects.

Conclusions: Based on the results several recommendations were made especially awareness workshops and camps. These programs mainly stressed upon the necessity to create social awareness among the people and their families about the ill effects of substance abuse. All the results were tabulated.


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Kovilveettil, A. N. (2021). A study on substance abuse among young people (10-24 years) in urban slums of Jorhat, Assam. Medical Science and Discovery, 8(12), 682–689. https://doi.org/10.36472/msd.v8i12.629
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