Variants of D9N, G188A, N291S, and 93 T/G Genes in patients with Coronary Artery Diseases

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Mohamed S Daoud


Objective: Our work aimed to study the relationship between LPL variants D9N, G188A, N291S, and 93 T/G genes and CAD in Saudi patients.

Materials and Methods: We recruited 253 CAD patients, who underwent diagnostic coronary angiography, and 207 control subjects. Several biochemical and behavioral markers were obtained, and different genotypes of LPL variants, D9N, G188E, N291S, and 93 T/G, were detected using The PCR-RFLP method.

Results: The current study found D9N genotypes, AA, AG, and GG in 71.14%, 23.72%, and 5.14% in CAD patients, respectively. the AA, AG, and GG control genotypes were found in 81.64%, 16.43%, and 1.93%, respectively. The OR of the D9N AA versus AG genotype with a 95% CI was determined to be 1.65 (1.04–2.65), (p = 0.035). The OR of the D9N AA versus AG + GG genotype with a 95% CI was 1.80 (1.16–2.81), (p = 0.009). A strong relation of the D9N AA was observed with CAD. For the G188E, N291S, 93T/G variants insignificant were observed in both CAD and control groups.

Conclusion: This study revealed the D9N variant has an association with CAD; however, no relation was detected between CAD and G188E, N291S, and 93T/G variants in the Saudi patients.


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Daoud, M. S. (2021). Variants of D9N, G188A, N291S, and 93 T/G Genes in patients with Coronary Artery Diseases. Medical Science and Discovery, 8(12), 708–715.
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Received 2021-11-29
Accepted 2021-12-13
Published 2021-12-15


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