Coronary artery bypass surgery and sexual function

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Mehmet Bilgehan Yuksel
Ilhan Gecit
Ayhan Karakose
Necip Pirincci
Mustafa Gunes
Cemalettin Aydin
Mehmet Kaba


Objectives:To evaluate the influences of coronary artery by-pass surgery(CABS) on sexual function(SF) and the comorbidities on the impact of CABS on SF.

Methods:The data of 112 patients who underwent CABS and interviewed by full form of IIEF questionnaire before and 6 months after CABS were retrospectively evaluated. We specifically analyzed and compared the preoperative and postoperative(PAP) IIEF questionnaire(IQ)  results to determine the influences of CABS on SF. Furthermore, we separately analyzed the same PAP data in diabetic, hypertensive and both diabetic and hypertensive subgroups and compared the data in each group to find possible influences of the comorbidities on the impact of CABS on SF.

Results:The mean age was 61,7±9,1. The number of patients without erectile dysfunction(ED) increased from 3(%2.6) to 7(%6.2), with severe and moderate ED decreased from 85(%75.9) to 33(%29.4), with mild ED increased from 24(%21.4) to 72(%64.2) after CABS, which revealed the severity of ED declined in overall and ED completely improved in some patients after CABS.  The total IIEF, erectile function(EF), intercourse satisfaction, orgasmic function and sexual desire scores significantly increased after CABS(P=0,000). Although OS(Overall Satisfaction) had an increase, no statistically significant alteration was found(P= 0,04). The SF most improved in both diabetic and hypertensive group, it was least affected in diabetic group.

Conclusions:CABS had positive impacts on EF and almost all domains of SF. While the lonely presence of diabetes did not significantly affect the impact of CABS on SF, the SF most improved in both diabetic and hypertensive cases after CABS.


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Yuksel, M. B., Gecit, I. ., Karakose, A. ., Pirincci, N. ., Gunes, M. ., Aydin, C. ., & Kaba, M. . (2015). Coronary artery bypass surgery and sexual function. Medical Science and Discovery, 2(4), 254–259. Retrieved from
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