Ileosigmoid knotting: Case report and literature review

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Amgad Abdou Hanna
Abdul Rahman Al Shobaki
Khalid Al-Hamadani
Fatema Al-lwati
Hader M. Elmaghraby
Yasser Abbas


Objective: Ileosigmoid knotting (ISK) is the wrapping of the ileum around the sigmoid colon and its mesentery or vice-versa. ISK is a rare cause of bowel obstruction in general and rare during pregnancy.

Case: We present a case of ISK, a Pregnant lady 29th weeks gestation, which was treated successfully in our institution – Khoula Hospital – Muscat - Sultanate of Oman.


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Hanna, A. A. ., Al Shobaki, A. R., Al-Hamadani, K., Al-lwati, F. ., Elmaghraby, H. M. ., & Abbas, Y. . (2022). Ileosigmoid knotting: Case report and literature review. Medical Science and Discovery, 9(3), 189–192.
Case Reports
Received 2022-02-26
Accepted 2022-03-12
Published 2022-03-26


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