Nursing care based on Dorothy Johnson's Behavioral System Model in Coronary Artery Disease: A case report

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Selva Ezgi Aşkar
Özlem Ovayolu


Objective: The use of theory/model is very important in providing nursing care in standardized frameworks. One of these models in the literature is Dorothy Johnson's “Behavioural System Model”.

Material and Methods: In this study, the nursing process of a 59-year-old patient who was followed up with the diagnosis of coronary artery disease and had many comorbid conditions but continued her negative behaviors towards her diseases was presented using Johnson's Behavioural System Model.

Case: In our case, first of all, a detailed medical history was taken and physical examination was performed, and conditions that disrupted the balance of the subsystems in the model were determined. Afterwards, a nursing care planthat can be implemented to provide behavioural change to restore balance was designed.

Conclusion: Since it is very important to provide behavior change in chronic diseases, it is recommended to use Johnson's Behavioural System Model in chronic disease management and to conduct studies in different chronic diseases.


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Aşkar, S. E., & Ovayolu, Özlem. (2022). Nursing care based on Dorothy Johnson’s Behavioral System Model in Coronary Artery Disease: A case report. Medical Science and Discovery, 9(2), 138–142.
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Received 2022-01-16
Accepted 2022-02-02
Published 2022-02-23


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