Evaluation of Oxidative Stress with "Dynamic Thiol/Disulfide Homeostasis" in Cases with Endometrioma

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Sule Atalay Mert
Berna Dilbaz
Tugba Kinay
Serdar Dilbaz
Fulya Kayikcioglu
Salim Neselioglu
Ozcan Erel
Yaprak Engin Ustun


Objective: This preliminary study aims to use "dynamic thiol/disulfide homeostasis" with the new Erel method to evaluate the effect of oxidative stress in patients with endometrioma.

Material and Method: The study group consisted of 40 cases with histologically confirmed endometrioma, and 40 women with no laparoscopically confirmed endometriosis were taken as the control group. Plasma thiol, total thiol (TT), and disulfide (SS) levels were measured with the new, fully automatic method described by Erel and Neselioglu. Serum Ca-125, sedimentation (Sed), C-reactive Protein (CRP), and thiol/disulfide levels were measured.           The two groups' plasma thiol, total thiol, and disulfide levels were compared, and the relation between thiol/disulfide homeostasis and stage of the endometriosis, Ca-125, Sed, and CRP was evaluated.

Results: In cases with endometrioma, disulfide/native thiol (3,12±2,02, 2,05±1,21, p=0,005) and disulfide/total thiol ratios (3,50±2,52, 2,22±1,36, p=0,006) were significantly increased, native thiol (469,30±126,52, 571,72±125,32 p=0,00) total thiol levels (505,17 ± 133,88, 603,0±134,22 p=0,02) were significantly decreased when compared with the control group.  There was a positive correlation between native thiol level and revised American Society for Reproductive Medicine Classification (r-ASRM) (p=0,041).

Conclusion: As expected, "dynamic thiol/disulfide homeostasis" with the new Erel method, the significant decrease in total thiol and native thiol levels, which are used as oxidative stress markers, and the increase in disulfide values demonstrated by this study support the hypothesis that oxidative stress plays a role in endometriosis and these markers can be used in the management of endometriosis


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Atalay Mert, S., Dilbaz, B., Kinay, T., Dilbaz, S., Kayikcioglu, F., Neselioglu, S., Erel, O., & Engin Ustun, Y. (2022). Evaluation of Oxidative Stress with "Dynamic Thiol/Disulfide Homeostasis" in Cases with Endometrioma. Medical Science and Discovery, 9(8), 458–464. https://doi.org/10.36472/msd.v9i8.784
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Received 2022-08-09
Accepted 2022-08-18
Published 2022-08-24


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