Does Chronic Immune Thrombocytopenia Lead to Hearing Loss?

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Melis Demirag Evman
Esra Turan Erkek


Objective: We aimed to investigate the incidence of hearing loss in patients followed up for Chronic Immune Thrombocytopenia Purpura (ITP).

Material and Methods: All patients over the age of 18 who referred to the hematology outpatient clinic between January and June 2020 and followed up with the diagnosis of Chronic ITP were included in the study. Hearing tests of patients diagnosed with Chronic ITP and received first-line treatment (IVIG and corticosteroid) for any reason other than ear diseases during their treatment were evaluated retrospectively. Patients with a history of hearing loss, perforation of the tympanic membrane or who had any squeal due to a previous chronic ear infection and patients who had a previous ear operation were excluded from the study. In addition, patients' age, gender, time of ITP diagnosis, platelet values at the time of diagnosis, platelet values during audiological evaluation, concomitant disease, history of splenectomy, additional drug use and ISTH-SSC Bleeding Evaluation Score data were also recorded.

Results: Of the 34 cases, 58.8% (n=20) were female and 41.2% (n=14) were male. The mean age was 49.06±18.26. Similarly, when compared, usage of IVIG/Methylprednisolone,  IVIG/ Methylprednisolone /Eltrombopag, and IVIG/Methylprednisolone /Rituximab/Eltrombopag was not found to be a factor that would cause hearing loss (p>0.05). No statistical correlation was found between ISTH-SSC and time of diagnosis (months) and hearing loss (p>0.05).

Conclusion: Parameters such as various drugs used in the course of Chronic ITP disease, age, gender, time of diagnosis, and presence of concomitant disease do not cause hearing loss.


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Demirag Evman, M., & Turan Erkek, E. (2022). Does Chronic Immune Thrombocytopenia Lead to Hearing Loss?. Medical Science and Discovery, 9(10), 577–580.
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Received 2022-09-30
Accepted 2022-10-21
Published 2022-10-22


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