Detection of Viral Respiratory Factors via Multiplex PCR in Newborn & Pediatric Patients and Their Distribution According to Seasons

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Murat Yaman
Salih Hazar
Edanur Yeşil
Merve Havan


Objective: Respiratory viruses are a global public health problem, and viruses cause up to 80% of respiratory infections. This study aimed to elucidate the viral respiratory tract factors and the frequency of coinfections in the newborn and pediatric age groups determined by the molecular respiratory tract panel (MRTP) kit.

Materials & Method: The results of the respiratory tract panel test with the molecular multiplex method were applied to 1486 newborn and pediatric patients between 01.10.2020 and 30.04.2022 to determine the viral respiratory tract factors were analyzed retrospectively. The Multiplex RT – PCR test confirmed results were recorded from the hospital database under the supervision of a microbiologist, negative and positive controls were evaluated, and test was validated.

Results: Clinical virology laboratory test results were scanned and at least one respiratory tract virus was detected in nasopharyngeal swabs of 499 (33.6%) patients. A total of 634 viruses were detected in 499 NS-positive samples. The most commonly detected viral pathogens were parainfluenza – 3 (36.9%, n=184), respiratory syncytial virus (22.8%, n=114), human rhinovirus (19.2%, n=96), SARS-CoV-2 (12.6%, n=63), and human bocavirus (10.8%, n=54) respectively.

Conclusion: In this research, we tried to elaborate the accuracy of molecular multiplex method and the respiratory tract panel test to determine the respiratory factors in newborn and pediatric age group patients. The logic behind this lies beneath the fact that diagnosing with a kit that can detect both single and multiple factors causing coinfection can be performed simultaneously.


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Yaman, M., Hazar, S., Yeşil, E. ., & Havan, M. (2022). Detection of Viral Respiratory Factors via Multiplex PCR in Newborn & Pediatric Patients and Their Distribution According to Seasons. Medical Science and Discovery, 9(10), 586–592.
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Received 2022-10-10
Accepted 2022-10-21
Published 2022-10-24


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