A case of Mullerian choristoma in extradural intra-extravertebral lipoma

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Andronik Ishkhan Kalayjyan
Avetis Albert Kirakosyan
Emma Sergey Maghakyan


Objective: Mullerian choristoma associated with spinal dysraphism is one of the rare cases.

Case: We present a case of heterotopic fallopian tube tissue found in an extradural intra-extravertebral lipoma. The patient, a 19-year-old woman, complained of swelling and pain in her lower back. Magnetic resonance imaging revealed spina bifida occulta at L3, a tethered cord, and an L3 lipoma. A L3-L4 laminectomy was performed, and the lipoma was removed. Histological examination revealed the presence of ectopic fallopian tube tissue within the lipoma.


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Kalayjyan, A. I. ., Kirakosyan, A. A. ., & Maghakyan, E. S. (2023). A case of Mullerian choristoma in extradural intra-extravertebral lipoma. Medical Science and Discovery, 10(3), 201–203. https://doi.org/10.36472/msd.v10i3.894
Case Reports
Received 2023-02-23
Accepted 2023-02-26
Published 2023-03-21


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