Neuroendocrine Carcinoma of the Breast: Report of A Case

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Mehmet Sait Ozsoy
Hakan Baysal
Fatih Buyuker
Begumhan Baysal
Gozde Kir
Orhan Alimoglu


Objective: Breast cancer is the most prevalent malignant disease among women and ranks among the top three most common cancers globally, alongside lung and colon cancer. Various subtypes of breast cancer have been identified. Primary neuroendocrine breast cancer, a rare and distinct type of breast carcinoma, lacks specific radiological findings. The definitive diagnosis is achieved through the expression of Synaptophysin and Chromogranin A on tumor biopsy, and it necessitates the absence of tumor detection in other regions. Staging and treatment are recommended to follow a similar approach as that of conventional breast cancer. It is believed that the prognosis of neuroendocrine breast tumors is generally poorer compared to invasive cancers.


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Ozsoy, M. S., Baysal, H. ., Buyuker, F. ., Baysal, B. ., Kir, G. ., & Alimoglu, O. . (2023). Neuroendocrine Carcinoma of the Breast: Report of A Case. Medical Science and Discovery, 10(5), 357–360.
Case Reports
Received 2023-05-15
Accepted 2023-05-26
Published 2023-05-27


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