Published: 2018-04-30

Effect of Breathing Exercises on Fatigue Dimensions in Patients with COPD

Atefeh Ghanbari, Nasim Shirmohamadi, Ezzat Paryad, Milad Bazghale, Reza Mohammadpourhodki


Thoracoabdominal asynchrony correlates with peripheral vascular resistance changes in a cohort of obese children

Marco Zaffanello, Franco Antoniazzi, Laura Tenero, Michele Piazza, Giuseppe Lippi, Emma Gasperi, Giorgio Piacentini


A rare cause of ptosis in emergency medicine practice: acute sinusitis case report

Suna Eraybar, Serhat Atmaca, Yasemin Nennicioglu, Nazli Sir, Halil Kaya