MSD Journal Repository Policy

MSD Journal, adhering to the principles of open access and digital archiving, adopts a repository policy to preserve the journal's content and ensure widespread access.

1. Purpose

The primary purpose of this policy is to ensure the long-term preservation of MSD Journal publications and provide sustainable access to scholarly resources.

2. Archiving in Our Repository

MSD Journal archives all published articles in its own digital repository. This storage is also supported through the CLOCKSS and LOCKSS systems.

3. Access Policy

The MSD Journal archive is open access. All articles are freely accessible to everyone. This is done to encourage the free sharing and use of information.

4. Information Updates

We regularly revise articles in our repository following updates or corrections. Whenever a change is made, the version history of the relevant article is updated.

5. Permissions and Licensing

Articles are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License (CC BY-NC 4.0), as determined by the authors. This license allows sharing, reproduction, distribution, and derivation of the work but does not permit commercial use.

6. Data Security

Our storage policy includes measures to ensure the security of data associated with articles. In the event of data loss, access can be restored using backups provided by the CLOCKSS and LOCKSS systems.

This policy comprehensively outlines MSD Journal's repository processes and open access policies. The policy is subject to updates and changes by the journal management when necessary.