Macroanatomical investigation of sciatic nerve in rat and quail as a model for experimental medical studies: A comparative study of anatomy Macroanatomical Investigation of Sciatic Nerve

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Erengül Boduç
Ertuğrul Allahverdi


Objective: Sciatic nerve studies are still up-to-date from past to present. In recent years, rats and animals other than rats have been used for drugs to be developed to treat the sciatic nerve. This study aims to reveal the comparative anatomy of human, rat and quail and shed light on the experimental studies planned to be done.

Material and Methods: 25 rats (Wistar Albino) and Japanese quail (Coturnix japonica) in 10% formalin fixation were dissected for the sciatic nerve. In addition, to show the course of the sciatic nerve in humans, the sciatic nerve was dissected in a male cadaver.

Results: In rat, the nerve length between the right and left sides is more significant than the nerve thickness between the right and left sides (p=0.025). A significant difference was found in the correlation graph between the sciatic nerve thickness on the right side and the sciatic nerve thickness on the left side in rats (p=0.006) and quails (p=0.008).

Conclusion: Comparative anatomy studies are very valuable for the literature. In particular, the study of a topic such as the sciatic nerve, which is on the agenda, in various experimental animals brings the importance of examining these animals morphometrically. Anatomy of the experimental animals to be studied should also be well known in order to achieve the optimal correct data in the results of correct operation and drug administration.


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Boduç, E., & Allahverdi, E. (2023). Macroanatomical investigation of sciatic nerve in rat and quail as a model for experimental medical studies: A comparative study of anatomy: Macroanatomical Investigation of Sciatic Nerve. Medical Science and Discovery, 10(10), 765–771.
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Received 2023-09-27
Accepted 2023-10-02
Published 2023-10-06


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