Recommendations for oncological orthopaedics in the Covid-19 pandemic; Review of the literature and clinical experiences Covid-19 Pandemic

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Coşkun Ulucaköy
Ismail Burak Atalay
Aliekber Yapar
Mehmetakif Simsek
Recep Öztürk
Güray Toğral
Bedii Şafak Güngör


Objective: The Covid-19 pandemic which arose from Wuhan city in December 2019 led to some changes in the treatment and follow-up of orthopedic patients to protect both the patients and the health workers and their relatives from the contagion. Long-term settings for the sake of patients and health workers have been made to decrease the viral load and the Covid-19 transmission risk. The specialist opinions and the data coming from Italy and Spain where the pandemic affected earlier than most countries facilitated the necessary steps to take in oncologic orthopedics. These steps in general, it should be limited to acute cases such as pathological fractures and malignant tumors. During the acute phase of the pandemic; it requires postponement of all other oncological orthopedic cases and outpatient controls. All surgeries where delaying 3 months will not be a big problem in the long term should be kept waiting.


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Ulucaköy, C., Atalay, I. B., Yapar, A., Simsek, M., Öztürk, R., Toğral, G., & Güngör, B. Şafak. (2020). Recommendations for oncological orthopaedics in the Covid-19 pandemic; Review of the literature and clinical experiences. Medical Science and Discovery, 7(7), 546-548.
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