A rare, but to be considered disease, in the differential diagnosis of abdominal pain: Mesenteric Panniculitis Mesenteric Panniculitis

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Bülent Yardımcı


Abdominal pains are one of the major topics of emergency clinics.  Mesenteric panniculitis (MP) is one of the rarely encountered causes of abdominal pain and is known as an idiopathic disease with a good prognosis. MP may cause abdominal pain, abdominal mass and intestinal obstruction. Infections, autoimmune diseases and abdominal traumas may trigger MP. The disease may coexist with malignancy and has a high probability of developing malignancy in MP patients. In this case report, a 59-year-old female patient, who came to our Internal Medicine Outpatient Clinic with abdominal pain and who was diagnosed with MP, is presented.


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Yardımcı, B. (2020). A rare, but to be considered disease, in the differential diagnosis of abdominal pain: Mesenteric Panniculitis. Medical Science and Discovery, 7(11), 709-711. https://doi.org/10.36472/msd.v7i11.430
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