COVID-19 infection in patients receiving hemodialysis in Athens: findings, experience, outcome from a single Dialysis Unit.

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Ionnis Grivas
Antonios Schoinas
Nathi Balitsari
Gerasimos Asimakopoulos
Evaggelos Pratilas


Our Nephrology Department during the spring period on the first wave of COVID-19  was the referral Dialysis Unit for Covid-19 positive HD patients in the district area of Athens, Greece. This study aims to report the characteristics, rates, and outcomes of all patients affected by infection with SARS-CoV-2 undergoing HD and treated under our care. 22 Covid-19 positive HD patients were treated under the care of our facility during the period 8 April 2020-17 June 2020.  16 patients were symptomatic at admission and 13 patients were admitted with or developed during their stay pleural effusions.  12 patients (8 male) of our group died during their hospitalization. The mean age of our patients was 74.5 years.  It has to be pointed out that 13 patients were over 75 years old. Mean age was higher in those who died compared with those who were discharged with double negative Covid-19 tests (79 vs 74,5 years old respectively). It seems that despite the fact that the immune response of this population has not been clearly clarified, age comorbidities and above all end-stage renal disease by its self is a significant and unpredictable risk factor for clinical outcome of HD patients with COVID-19 infection.


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Grivas, I., Schoinas, A., Balitsari, N., Asimakopoulos, G., & Pratilas, E. (2021). COVID-19 infection in patients receiving hemodialysis in Athens: findings, experience, outcome from a single Dialysis Unit . Medical Science and Discovery, 8(3), 147-149.
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