Abdominal wall skin lesions in adult morbid obese women Obesity and Skin

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Nizamettin Kutluer
Mikail Yılmaz
Serhat Doğan
Bahadır Öndeş


Objective: To present only skin lesions in the abdominal wall that we detected in morbidly obese patients and to examine them in the light of the literature.

Material and Method: Patients who applied to the general surgery outpatient clinic for bariatric surgery and who also had dermatological complaints and were referred to the dermatology outpatient clinic with the detection of skin-related complaints were retrospectively evaluated in terms of age and breast skin findings. Normal skin findings were separated into intertrigo, chronic recurrent folliculitis, eczemas, acanthosis nigricans and striae.  

Results: A total of 60 obese female patients were included in the study. The mean age of the patients was 32.4 ± 8.8 years (19-53), and the mean body mass index was 42.6 ± 2.4 (40-49). Normal skin findings were present in 28.3% of the patients (17 patients). The most common finding was striae, and 60% (36 patients) had it. Then respectively, intertrigo was detected in 14 patients (23%), chronic recurrent folliculitis in 12 patients (20%), eczema in 5 patients (8.3%), and acanthosis nigricans in 2 patients (3.3%). 

Conclusion: The most common findings on the abdominal wall skin of obese individuals are striae and intertrigo, and similar findings have been found in many studies in the literature.


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Kutluer, N. ., Yılmaz, M. ., Doğan, S., & Öndeş, B. (2021). Abdominal wall skin lesions in adult morbid obese women: Obesity and Skin. Medical Science and Discovery, 8(11), 642–644. https://doi.org/10.36472/msd.v8i11.624
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Received 2021-11-06
Accepted 2021-11-20
Published 2021-11-23


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