Challenges of elderly patients with short bowel syndrome

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Yasser Abbas Anis Hassan
Maryam Said Rashid Al-Hashmi
Salma Amur Al-Khanjari


Objective: This is a case report presenting two elderly patients; one with mesenteric ischemia and the second with gallstone ileus, in which their operative management has resulted in short bowel syndrome (SBS).

Case: This pathology required prolonged post-operative care and monitoring with the management of different related complications.

Conclusion: This case report will cover the pathophysiology, medical and operative management in addition to the acute and chronic complications of SBS


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Hassan, Y. A. A. ., Al-Hashmi, M. S. R. ., & Al-Khanjari, S. A. (2022). Challenges of elderly patients with short bowel syndrome. Medical Science and Discovery, 9(1), 66–75.
Case Reports
Received 2021-11-26
Accepted 2021-12-16
Published 2022-01-09


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