Believing (faith or hypnosis) that impacts on the healing of warts performed by neurophysiological mediators

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Huseyin Guducuoglu
Serap Gunes Bilgili
Mehmet Arslan


Introduction: Faith and hypnosis methods are applied in many experimental cancer treatments. Practices of religious and psychological healing have a major role in the recovery of tumors.  Healing warts by prayer has been used for years, particularly in the Turkish society.

The Hypothesis: This hypothesis maintains that believing is one of the key concepts in the recovery of tumors and also focuses on the effect of believing on the recovery of warts.

Evaluation Hypothesis: Believing people, nerve, endocrine and immune system is activated. NK and T cells in the periphery through destruction and healing takes place in all tissues. According to our hypothesis here with us for is to believe the actual trigger. Both the prayer and the hypnosis method, in terms of cancer improvement, have been shown in many publications in the literature and have brought a new dimension to cancer recovery.

Conclusion: We hypothesize that believing (prayer or hypnosis) can be effective of the healing of warts through the stimulation of the immune system.



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Guducuoglu, H. ., Bilgili, S. G. ., & Arslan, M. . (2019). Believing (faith or hypnosis) that impacts on the healing of warts performed by neurophysiological mediators. Medical Science and Discovery, 2(4), 236–238. Retrieved from
Received 2019-07-27
Accepted 2019-07-27
Published 2019-07-27


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