Evaluation of Brucella Coombs Gel Test with Blood Culture Brucella

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Arzu İrvem


Objective: To evaluate the correlation between Brucella spp. blood culture, which is accepted as the gold standard in the diagnosis of brucellosis, and the Brucella coombs gel test (BCGT), a new and rapid test developed in our country.

Material and method: Brucellosis is suspected in 100 patients from various clinics of our hospital microbiology laboratories, simultaneous blood culture results (Bact/allert 3D bioMerieux, France) and serum standard tube agglutination test (STA Seromed, Turkey), Brucella Coombs gel test (BCGT, Islab, Turkey) It was evaluated retrospectively.

Results: Serology and blood culture growth were negative in 82/100 of the patients. STA/ BCGT results were consistent in 18/100, and ≥ 1/320 was positive. Brucella melitensis was isolated from blood cultures of seven patients and concurrently taken BCGT was positive (100%). There are 11 patients with positive serology with culture negative.

Conclusion: Although blood culture is accepted as gold standard, it is not always possible to catch blood culture positivity. Serology tests, especially BCGT, should be preferred routinely because it gives early results, is cheap and safe.


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İrvem, A. (2021). Evaluation of Brucella Coombs Gel Test with Blood Culture: Brucella. Medical Science and Discovery, 8(2), 128–131. https://doi.org/10.36472/msd.v8i2.476
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Received 2021-01-28
Accepted 2021-02-23
Published 2021-02-24


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