Mean Platelet Volume Increase in Endometriomas and Benign Ovarian Cysts: A Prospective Case-Controlled Study Mean platelets volume increase in benign ovarian cyst

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Metin Kaba
Aysegul Oksuz0glu
Omer Ant
Bekir Serdar Unlu
Eren Akbaba
Hakan Timur
Gulnur Ozaksit


Objective: The aim of this research is to compare mean platelet volumes (MPV) among women with ovarian endometriomas, women with benign ovarian cysts and infertile women who were otherwise healthy. 

Material and Methods: Women were selected for the ovarian endometrioma and benign ovarian cyst group after laparoscopic ovarian cyst excision and confirmed histopathologic evaluation. The control group was assigned from women with male partner infertility or unexplained infertility but who were otherwise healthy. Mean platelet volume calculated as a part of complete blood count, which collected in potassium ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid tubes

Results: There were 98 women in the endometrioma group, 94 in the benign cyst group and 99 in the control group. Mean platelet volume was different among the groups (p<0.01). The mean platelet volume in the infertile group was statistically different than in the endometrioma and benign cyst groups and was similar between the endometrioma and benign cyst groups. When compared with the infertile group, the area under the curve and predictive value of the mean platelet volume for the endometrioma and the benign cyst group were 0.73 ±0.03 fl (p<0.01, CI 0.65-0.80) and 0.72±0.06 fl (p<0.01; CI 0.64-0.79), respectively. Mean platelet volume had a sensitivity of 74% and specificity of 63% for endometrioma and sensitivity of 72%, and specificity of 63% for benign cysts at a cut-off point of 9.05 fl.

Conclusion: The present study demonstrated that mean platelet volume was increased in women with ovarian endometriomas and benign cysts and showed predictive values for endometriomas and benign ovarian cysts.


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Kaba, M., Oksuz0glu, A., Ant, O., Unlu, B. S., Akbaba, E. ., Timur, H., & Ozaksit, G. (2021). Mean Platelet Volume Increase in Endometriomas and Benign Ovarian Cysts: A Prospective Case-Controlled Study: Mean platelets volume increase in benign ovarian cyst . Medical Science and Discovery, 8(6), 361–365.
Research Article
Received 2021-05-16
Accepted 2021-06-16
Published 2021-06-29


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