The Role of The Spleen in Atherosclerosis

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Orgun Gunes
Muhammed Erkam Cengil
Emrah Cengiz
Yusuf Murat Bag
Emre Turgut
Necip Tolga Baran
Cemalettin Aydin
Cuneyt Kayaalp


Objective: Atherosclerosis is a chronic inflammatory process characterized by the accumulation of lipid and inflammatory cells in the walls of medium and large arteries. Metabolic effects of splenectomy are less known, especially the effects on lipid metabolism is a debate. In this study, we aimed to investigate the effects of splenectomy on atherosclerosis in humans.

Methods: The data of 280 patients who underwent a splenectomy at a tertiary center between 2009-2016 were analyzed. The 50 patients were included in the study as a splenectomy group. In addition, 50 patients who applied to our outpatient clinic between January 2021 and August 2021 with similar characteristics to those in the splenectomy group except for splenectomy were included in the study as a non-splenectomy group. Atherosclerosis was evaluated by measuring the right, left, and the mean carotid artery intima-media thickness (CAIMT).

Results: All measurements were significantly higher in the splenectomy group (p=0.010 for left CAIMT, p=0.011 for right CAIMT and p=0.008 for mean CAIMT).

Conclusion: The CAIMT measurements were higher and therefore atherosclerosis risk was increased in patients with splenectomy. For this reason, it should be kept in mind that these patients may develop cardiovascular and cerebrovascular problems due to atherosclerosis and should be followed up in this respect.


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Gunes, O., Cengil, M. E., Cengiz, E., Bag, Y. M., Turgut, E., Baran, N. T., Aydin, C. ., & Kayaalp, C. (2022). The Role of The Spleen in Atherosclerosis. Medical Science and Discovery, 9(12), 646–649.
Research Article
Received 2022-12-05
Accepted 2022-12-12
Published 2022-12-25


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